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Entry #2

Minor activity

2008-05-18 06:22:41 by sologirl-romana

Alright so I finally started animating again...

it wont be much becouse the next 2 weeks will be my final exam weeks, after that its summervacation!

i'll try to make some stuff in the vacation kk?



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2008-05-18 06:52:14

Your first submission was quite nice... I like your drawing style.

Keep up the good work!

sologirl-romana responds:

Thank you very much!
and i'll try ^w^


2008-05-18 08:11:18

Yes, make some awesome things for us to see c:

sologirl-romana responds:

haha i'll try weelow!


2008-05-18 08:11:48

Interesting Style and Character design... yay leek spin... keep it up.

so you profile picture... a character of your own design ?

(Updated ) sologirl-romana responds:

I'll try~

C: yep I designed her


2008-05-19 13:47:30

Is there any way you would have been able to upload the Levan pokka leek song onto newgrounds? I love the song and I don't want to keep pressing play over and over :), Good work on animating aswell good luck into the futre and your further animations.


2008-12-12 21:10:01

That drawing is amazing!

draw one for me?

(^,')b Jk!


2009-09-08 20:41:26

how leek can you go?